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Thank you for downloading and installing Form2Content LITE. In this demo content and article we hope to help you get started using our Joomla Content Construction Kit.




With a content construction kit there is always a small learning curve. Hopefully our BLOG demo will help you understand the relation between the Form2Contnet submission form (data) and the creation of your Joomla article quickly.



In the Joomla back-end under components you can find the link to Form2Content. One of the links is to the Form2Content Template manager.

The F2C article templates are used to render the form data into the layout of your Joomla article. Probably the easiest way to understand this is to have a look at the two files we have included to generate the BLOG demo articles.
The two files can be seen in the F2C Template Manager or via FTP:

< root >/media/com_form2content/templates


Use of Smarty Templating and Template parameters (placeholders)

In the two F2C article templates included we have added extra documentation to show what you can do with them. This will hopefully get you to grips with the syntax quickly!

PLEASE read all the documentation on Form2Content templating here!



Source: F2C Documentatation on article templates

Author: Patrick Faasse, Julien Brouns - creators of Form2Content Joomla CCK